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Top 10 Uses For USB Drives

USB drive is one precious gift that mankind has received from technology. Universal Serial Bus or USB is famous with several different names such as Key Drive, USB Key Drive, USB Pen, Microdrive, Thumb Drive and Flash Drive.

Regardless of the name, these USB drives are an excellent and exceptionally handy tool. They are exclusively for the people who use computers at several different locations and need to take data along with them. The USB drivers are great-to-use, as they are small in size, can fit in your pocket or can act as your key chain. You can get about 32 MB to 4 GB of storage without any need of software. Just plug the drive in the USB port of computer to get instance storage and ready transfer.

Now let’s peep into the top 10 uses of USB drive.

USB Drive is multifunctional or say, support all-in-one in printer connectivity. It can typically combine the printer, copier, fax, scanner and the storage options in just one convenient device. It allows the companies, especially the small ones to save overall cost by offering about 4 or 5 devices in just one.

It gets you network scanning. You can utilize scanners to image the documents more frequently than you ever did before. The USB device server then allows the USB scanner to connect directly to the network.

You can change the conference room from a static to a dynamic one. Just attach all the USB devices of conference room to allow all the participants of meeting room to use the drive. Get the MFP, electronic whiteboard, laser printer and share storage drive networked together with a device server.

Believe it or not USB drives have blessed the sewing machines with best options and capabilities they had ever before. Most branded sewing machines such as Brother, Pfaff, Janome, Singer and Bernina have invented machines with USB connections. One can connect the machines to the PC or to USB pen drive to download software upgradation and patterns to sewing machine.

You can be benefited with wireless access of iPod. The iPod users can just connect the iPod to wireless device server. You can download all the music in a wireless way from computer to iPod. Your iPod is fully loaded to go out to the party.

It is a best way to get a camera networked. Connecting the USB enabled digital camera to the network can benefit the corporations and their consumers. With digital camera joined with wireless USB device, the operator can access digital images quickly.

It is the best help for the graphic designers. The graphic designers’ workplace has a digital camera, internal and external DVD or CD burner, scanner, photo printer and storage devices. The USB device is must for sharing the network workgroup.

USB drive helps in establishing the reliable backup plan for network surroundings.

The mobile worker can access the USB device and take with them whatever they want to data, music, images or just anything.

Workgroups generally utilize the USB peripherals beyond the keyboards and mouse. The scanners, multifunctional printers, laser printers and storage drives are the most employed USB enabled devices.

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