Tips And Advice Of The Latitude Festival


The Latitude festival is a music festival held annually at Henham Park, near Southwold, Suffolk, England. The first Latitude festival was held in the year 2006. Apart from music, the festival offers comedy, literature, and movies. The latitude festival 2012 was lit and one of the most memorable in history.  Here are some of the helpful hints and advice that are necessary for the festival.

Means of transport


Different transportation means used to access the festival. To encourage visitors to limit their carbon footprints, organizers highly recommend the use of shared cars and coaches to access the event’s venue. Adoption of such strategies ensures less carbon efficiency emittance, less stress and added fun as there would be a little time required to access the venue. Use of a passenger train is also another better option. If then you opt to go with a car, then do not travel during peak hours and when present at the festival venue, tend to much concentrate on the temporary signs created.

Camping place

Identifying a suitable camping place with a suitable tent. The Latitude festival is one of the largest friendly camping events in the United Kingdom. With such a characteristic pride, people from all sets of age groups attend the festival. For those with families, family areas are offering best services such as clean toilets, clean water points and also dedicated showers. Make sure also the family tents you have purchased are at least unique to avoid confusion when looking for your tents. The Little Latitude Tuck Shop is an essential place for a family campaign. There are green, yellow, blue and red zones for those with no families. The tent taken also should be bigger than what you will need to accommodate the extra rucksacks, clothes, and foods carried.

Phone charger

Take a less stylish phone and invest in a phone charger. Carrying stylish phones might be great, but in case you run out of the battery, charging the phone will be very difficult. Leaving it to charge fully is difficult cause at any moment it might be gone.A phone that can text and call is appropriate. Due to the presence of huge crowds, charging a phone may require you to queue for long . You might invest in a solar power charger that rarely runs outs as long as there is sunlight.


Having an awareness of the place you are in. You should be able to at least situate yourself on any available landmark where you can be able to locate it even when in an alternative state of consciousness.



Proper planning of your essential items such as phones, money, credit cards in the pocket and wallet is also important. Latitude festival accommodates thousands of individuals at a time, so proper tips and advice are essential for a convenience outing.…